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4 min readJun 29, 2022

After the ceremony of the European Startup prize, we can say now that we are the proud winners of the urban experiences & services prize distributed by RATP, with whom we are eager to develop a project! 🚀

It is a great honour for us to have been selected among more than 650 startups. We have been really impressed by the startups in our space at the crossroad of data and mobility like @Vianova in France, which is becoming one of the references around the management of traffic data, or @Bia in Spain, a software that optimise the EV charge management. Congrats to everyone!

*The European Startup Prize for mobility ***has been organized by the European Parliament in collaboration with all major EU institutions (European Comission, European Investment Bank, EIT InnoEnergy, GSA, SESAR, Shift2Rail) for the past 5 years to reward and promote the best European mobility startups. It also aims to federate an ecosystem and encourage the emergence of European leaders who put technology and innovation at the service of a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive mobility in the world.

This prize and the program created around it are an amazing opportunity to reach a unique ecosystem in Europe, that connects startups with European institutions. It is definitely a fast track to investments opportunities, innovations plateform and EU decision-makers, which are all of them unfair advantages on a scale-up development.

We were able to assert our solution into the competition thanks to the vision that we carry and our ability to deliver. In three years, we have been able to go from defining the problem on the market to deliver our clients internationally. We have also been able to sign strong partnerships with leaders like Google, AWS or Microsoft for startups and with key players of the industry like B-Plus. In a market as competitive as the autonomous vehicle, we had to raise ourselves up to the challenge.

This prize is an amazing milestone for us, and the result of it is a six months acceleration program, with three main advantages:

  • Visibility: the prize has a huge ecosystem around Europe (we already tested it with more than 300 000+ viewers during the ceremony!). It is a great opportunity to meet a lot of potential customers, but also political institutions that could help us reach to an even bigger base of clients.
  • Fundraising: thanks to our final position on the European Startup Prize, we will be able to meet a lot of investors and corporates, which already started in Toulouse (Demo Day by Via ID), to present our solution. We will then have dedicated pitch days with EU financial instruments (European Investment Bank, EIT InnoEnergy). Many startups before us that have been going through the program have raised smart money, and we are determined to do the same!
  • Support: the Boston Consulting Group, partner of the event, will be on our side during the next six months to help us on different subjects like business presentations, financial projections, or public communication. Working with the best consultants is a real privilege and we are eager to start this collaboration.

We will do our best to take advantage of this prize by reinforcing our commercial traction, pitching to new investors, and recruit the best talents to help us scale. We already work with companies internationally but our goal is to reach between ten to fifteen new contracts by the end of the year, and this prize feels like an extra boost to do so.

Europe is today at a crossroad on different strategic subjects, like data. In the current macro-economic environment, it is fundamental to start building and financing solutions to develop more independence. In fact, 90% of the data generated in Europe are stored and operated in the United States. At the same time, the value of this data was already worth 301 billions of dollars (in 2018), and will keep growing to reach more than 800 billions in 2025.

That’s also what’s great about this European Startup prize. Europe’s transition to taking action within the tech ecosystem has historically been rather delayed, but this prize is a perfect solution to speed it up. Funding, visibility, and support will be the solution for promising startups to rise and bring the independence that’s lacking in Europe today.

For all of those reasons, we are really proud to be one of the ten highlighted startups of the European Startup prize. After being recognized as such, we will humbly keep working to become a strong leader around the subjects of mobility and data in Europe, and we hope that it will show the path for others after us. Huge thanks and congrats to the Heex family for bringing us here, let’s keep pushing! 🚀

Want to know more about us, or eager to work together? Please don’t hesitate to reach out on our website or directly on LinkedIn, we will be pleased to answer any of your questions!



Heex Technologies

Heex Technologies is a french startup located in Paris, providing a data management platform to autonomous systems companies.