Turn your Big data into Smart data

Heex Technologies
2 min readMar 14, 2022


This sentence has never been so true, especially when it comes down to autonomous systems. As we stand today, unstructured data represents more than 90% of all digital data. The problem is no more the scarcity of it, but an absence of tools that enables engineering teams to extract value from this new ocean of disorganized data.

This is the mission that drives us at Heex Technologies. We believe that the solution will come from combining the best human intelligence with cutting-edge technology to help companies break the hurdles that they encounter everyday. After a year of discovery, to perfectly understand the paint points in the industry and how we could tackle it, we decided to build a new solution, called the “Smart Data”. Our engineers developed a tool that extracts, at the edge or on the cloud, only the relevant data. In the process of demonstrating the benefits of our unique Smart Data management approach, we collaborated with key industry players such as Mercedes France, Nvidia and Ouster to functionally implement our Smart Data engine in a Mercedes EQC equipped as an autonomous vehicle.

We used our Web Platform to configure several event-based triggers while our Software Development Engine has been integrated within the vehicle’s embedded system (#edgeprocessing) to interface with the key data flows coming from the vehicle’s sensors and system architecture.

We then drove through the street of Paris encountering critical situations which were then captured by our trigger algorithm to automatically extract, process, and distribute the associated event recordings and build revelant datasets for our customers’ organizations.

A big thank you to all our business partners for their support to make this technical experimentation a great success.

Should you be interested to know more about the benefits of Heex Technologies Smart Data management for autonomous driving and ADAS applications, please get in touch with us.



Heex Technologies

Heex Technologies is a french startup located in Paris, providing a data management platform to autonomous systems companies.